In a week when we were told to pick up our sh*t and the UK went back in to lockdown, we’ve got the latest skeet…


Squirrel Dan gets a court date

When it comes to sustainability,  Squirrel Dan is your man. For the last 18 months, Squirrel Dan (aka Dan Richardson) has been living in his ‘off grid’ home, where he grows his own food, uses river water and clears up the woodland.  He is being brought to court by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, who are claiming that he is trespassing on publicly-owned land, by a few meters- though the ownership of the land is yet to be fully determined. The hearing will be held on 22 Feburary 2021.

FUN SQUIRREL DAN FACT: he gained his nickname in 2004 after he was given 50 hours of community service after bringing a squirrel to the island. 

Pick up your dog sh*t

Manx utilities have asked, politely, to pick up your dog sh*t at the reservoirs. Dog waste is hazardous to staff, and, let’s be honest, ruins the environment for everyone else. If the conditions don’t improve at the reservoirs sites, the actions of a few may result in the  locations being closed to all dog walkers. Don’t be a d*ck- pick it up.


The UK goes into lockdown 2.0 

On Thursday, the UK went back into lockdown. Rules are slightly different to the OG lockdown, with individuals still allowed to visit support bubbles, and schools and universities remaining open. Lockdown isn’t easy, and we’re thinking about our friends on the adjacent isle.

Operation Fairy Bridge has been launched 

The Manx Student Union has launched the brilliantly named Operation Fairy Bridge, as a means to support students returning to the island this winter. The Facebook group has great advice on everything you need to do if you are returning home, while also allowing the island’s community to support students through means such as advertising accommodation for self-isolation. Check out their Facebook group for more info.



A Chamber of Commerce survey of 143 businesses found that 87% of businesses over a broad range of sectors believe that there should be mandatory testing on arrival to the island. Despite this, the health minister believes there would be no benefit, as the accuracy rate would be about 7%.


This week HQ reminded us to stick to the rules when travelling, borders are remaining at level four and students can come back to the island. Check out the full update here.

IOM C-19 weekly figures

  • Five cases of Covid this week all relate from individuals who have recently travelled back to the island and were currently isolating. Two of the five cases are in hospital, but the admissions are not Covid related.
    Total active cases: 7

Banged Up: C-19 Weekly Figures

  • A 25 year old who pleaded guilty to breaching Covid-19 restrictions in April has been sentenced to four week’ custody. He has already spent the time in the slammer, so doesn’t need to go back. 

Banged Up: Cannabis Weekly Figures 

  • No one has been banged up this week, bt a teenager has been fined £350 plus prosecution costs for possessing £56