Who doesn’t love a meme?

Earlier this month, we caught up with ohayefella, an Instagram account memeing everything from Peel to Manx politics. We spoke to the four anonymous fellas behind the account to get all the skeet…

What’s the Ohayefella origin story?

The origin of Oh Aye Fella is a tale that spans centuries. If the legends are to be believed, Manannan entrusted a small group of top notch fellas to bring laughter, joy and wonder to the people of the Isle of Man. These fellas were renowned across the isle and loved by all, until one day a group of heyboy fisherman challenged them to a battle in the sacred grounds of Peel Castle. The fellas fought with valour against the kipper-smelling warriors and just as they appeared to reach a triump victory, the heyboys Celtic magic was released. A deep mist descended over Peel and a foul stench enveloped the lands and sea.

As the mist cleared there was nothing left except a destroyed castle and a kipper aroma. Hundreds of years have passed since that day with no evidence of the fellas’ existence. That was until the summer of 2019 when, communicating through the PlayStation Network, these brave warriors decided enough was enough. They received a message from Manannan himself citing “this island’s meme game is weak as f*ck”, and with that they returned to defeat the heyboys that have been running rampant across this island for way too long…

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What’s the future for Ohayefella?

I don’t think we’ll really know the future of Ohayefella until it reveals itself to us. When the page was born, we noticed straight away how the more people that got involved, the more fun you can have with it. Our bread & butter is clearly connecting to the island through humour so whatever comes next won’t be too far away from that. The introduction of our new website may eventually help us start to connect the public with other businesses and the abundance of talented people that live here.

What inspires Ohayefella?

As a team we take inspiration from pages like the Isle of Manic page and the less serious side of Gef the Mongoose and a carefree attitude similar to Peggy’s. Luckily for us it’s the inhabitants of the Isle of Man make it extremely easy to make jokes about the island. We often aim for a more satirical approach to most things and try to see things from a creative point of view when it comes to the punchlines and memes. We also inspire each other- as often one person will have an idea for the foundations of a joke and then we’ll all work together to craft the punchline or meme.

Who do you think is the biggest legend on the island?

Biggest legend on the island? Last time I checked there was 84000 of them. Well, maybe take the population of Peel away from that number…

Tell us about your new website?

You’ll have to go & find out! Currently it’w only a small store selling various merch but we’re just getting started and we’ll be adding more quality merch ASAP.