We’ve all had a race down those red and green slides aptly named Reef and Serpent. They were the focal point of many a birthday party and much to our despair in December 2017 our pals were removed. Three years later, the great Manx public are still waiting for their beloved water slides to reopen. We’ve put together a brief, nostalgia filled timeline for the island’s water slide enthusiasts.

NSC timeline.pngNSC timeline.png


Bring yourself back to 1998. A simpler time, when B*Witched were singing C’est La Vie and England couldn’t even make it to the quarter finals of the World Cup. The swimming pools of the NSC opened to the public: bringing the great Manx public the greatest thrills they would ever know in the form of Reef and Serpent.

December 2017

Fast forward almost 20 years later, and the government announced that there would be “around 8 month” closure of the NSC swimming pools for improvements and essential work. 

August 2018

The NSC closes, forcing swimmers to head to pools without flumes, battering the Manx spirit that deeply relies on the existence of mega-fast slides.

July 2019

Minister of Education, Sport and Culture at the time, Graham Creegen, announced significant delays regarding the flumes due to design, manufacture and installation issues, after being held accountable by water slide enthusiast, Jason Moorhouse, MHK. Creegen made a statement that he was “acutely aware of needing to get the facility operational again”. Obvs, Graham- the Manx people need their fix of water flumes.

August 2019

The NSC pool reopens a year after its closure, which was basically on-time in Manx terms. Unfortunately, the great Manx public were still being deprived of the water slides. 

March 2020

Dr Alex Allinson takes over from Graham Creegen as Minister of Education, Sport and Culture, taking on responsibility for the flumes. With great power comes great responsibility.

You know what happened. Here’s a hint: starts with C, ends with -19, and it’s the reason 2020 has been a bit of a sh*tshow so the NSC has to close. 

June 2020

The NSC reopens and Jason gets back on the case, asking at the House of Keys what the progress is with the flumes. Minister of Education, Sport and Culture, Dr Alex tells us that while the state of things is ‘embarrassing’ and ‘not good enough’, and aims to have the slides ready by the end of summer but sadly this didn’t happen.

What’s the future?

Tynwald will need to approve a draft agreement for remedial work that needs to be completed. They will also need to be asked for 227k to complete the works. We hope it all gets sorted soon, and the island’s number one attraction can return to the NSC.


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