In a week when there was a suspected bomb in Braddan and the island’s most wanted fugitive returned,  we’ve got the latest skeet…

Bomb disposal team come for FALSE alert

Last Sunday, an unidentified object was found at Middle Farm industrial estate, meaning the bomb squad were called from the UK. The item was found not to be an unexploded ordnance, as suspected, but was destroyed regardless. The question remains: what was the mystery object?

Big clean at Fedelta

After an employee had close contact with a family member who had coronavirus, Fedelta closed their offices for a day (Wednesday) and gave the office a big old deep clean to minimise the risk to the staff at the firm. Thankfully, the employee tested negative.

Screenshot 2020-11-14 at 11.36.29.pngScreenshot 2020-11-14 at 11.36.29.png

Protest against paedophilia 

A further protest calling for harsher sentencing for child sex offenders will be held on 20 November, which is National Children’s Day. The protest, which will start at 1pm, will be held outside Legislative Buildings. This is the second protest calling for harsher sentencing for child sex offenders on island this year.

Snapchat fugitive returns

Isle of Man’s most wanted fugitive has been returned to the island, having been arrested on Merseyside. Kyle Molyneux was on bail for drug offences when he fled the island on a fishing boat in July, which he famously documented on Snapchat. 

 Kyle Molyneux filmed himself apparently fleeing the island by boat  Kyle Molyneux filmed himself apparently fleeing the island by boat

Video scam alert

Ever had the fear after a night out when someone tells you that you’ve been spotted in a video? While often enough it’s just a video of you with a traffic cone on your head, police are warning that there’s a scam out to get your login details. Stay safe out there!


In this week’s update, HQ announced that whole households will now have to isolate from Thursday 19th November, if an individual in returns home from off-island. This could obviously be quite disruptive, and so, to mitigate this, the gov has announced that they will contribute £250 per week to accommodation costs, for those self-isolating outside their homes.

IOM C-19 weekly figures

There have been six new cases this week, and there are 9 new cases in total. Unfortunately, last week, there was one new Covid death. The gov announced that two of these new cases were the result of transmission on-island. However, because these cases can be clearly traced back to a person who transmitted Covid off-island, these cases count as a ‘cluster’, not ‘community cases’.