gef sqaure - Ronaldsway's Departure lounge 2.jpggef sqaure - Ronaldsway's Departure lounge 2.jpg

Anyone remember not being on the Isle of Man?

While we love our fair isle, sometimes seeing what the world has to offer is essential for us to really appreciate what we’ve got. While holidays are, undeniably, class, one of the best parts of our holiday happens before we’ve even leave: hanging about the departure lounge of Ronaldsway.

The Ronaldsway departure lounge is one of the soundest places the island has to offer. It’s a place where people don’t act normal. People stand to queue as soon as their gate is called, only to wait for ages. It’s hardly terminal one at Heathrow lads- you’re never more than a minute away from your gate, relax in one of the many, luxurious seats. Weirdness is exacerbated by the it’s five o’clock somewhere attitude: got a flight at 8am? Grab a pint, as long as you can wait the slowest Guinness draught.

It’s an exciting place to be: a unique buzz of people ready for their hols. You will, inevitably, run into someone who you vaguely know. Like trying not to lick your lips when you’ve eaten a doughnut, there’s an irresistible urge to ask “where you headed, hun?”. You’ll end up having long conversations with people who you haven’t, for good reason seen in years, comparing your holidays (“oh you’re having a weekend in Blackpool. That’s nice. Me? Just embarking on a three month tour of South East Asia, no big deal”). You’ll end up exhausting all small talk, only to find yourself sitting next to them on the flight. 

You’ll spend an hour or so in the departure lounge, delayed by Flymaybe (gone but never forgotten). There’s enough to keep you occupied though. For those who are plugged into the news: spoil yourself with rolling news coverage. Shopaholics? Buy some Manx Knobs and a bottle of okay perfume. Sports fans? Look out of the window, and hopefully you’ll see a game of quidditch. 

If you think you’re too good to sit with the plebs, Rendezvous Executive lounge is the place to rub shoulders with the island’s big wigs. Rumour has it that they have unlimited booze AND a buffet. A girl can only dream of such luxury.

I love this island, but I am also fully ready to miss it for two weeks while lying on a beach in far more tropical climates. And I know that as soon as I get back to that departure lounge, my hols will have started.