How The Drunk Ruined Christmas

Us Manxies love a drink, especially around Christmas. And while getting together and catching up over a few pints can be a highlight of the festive season, it can also be a stressful time for people working in the night-time economy, emergency services, public transport and security services (i.e. everyone who makes it possible for us to enjoy our festive few).

This year, Sergeant Alan Shimmin, head of the alcohol unit at the Isle of Man constabulary, will be heading up the ‘Respect’ campaign. It’s got a very simple, clear message: respect the people looking out for you. The idea came to Sgt. Al when his four year old daughter was working on her “respect” badge at school (which means that if a four year old can understand it, so can you). With issues related to booze and a lack of respect emerging during the SuperManx bank holiday, the campaign is a much needed reminder to respect and appreciate those around us. 

The campaign is, thankfully, not preaching at us to be sober, but instead, just not to be d*cks. It’s all about knowing your limits, planning out your journeys, and ultimately listening to those who are looking out for us. If someone tells you it’s time to go home, it’s time to go home. 

While we all want to say a big adieu to 2020, we can do it without putting strain on our key workers, who want to have a good time too. Let’s keep up that community spirit and keep looking out for each other; punters and staff alike. 

The campaign will be launching on Thursday 19th November, coinciding with the Douglas Christmas lights turn on. You’ll see posters outside licenced premises, and people wearing stickers and badges promoting the initiative. 

TL;DR? Don’t be the drunk who ruins Christmas.