Winter can be an isolating time for us all. With the days becoming shorter and shorter, finding the motivation just to go out and get a coffee can be difficult. It can be made all the worse if you find yourself uncomfortable at the thought of sitting alone at a cafe.

That’s where the new initiative Care to Share by local charity, Live at Home, comes in. The initiative is simple: if you see a cafe with the Care to Share logo, it means they’ve opted in. On certain cafe tables, they will have a very cute little cup with bees that indicate that the person sat on the table is up for a chat with a stranger. If that’s not your scene, all you have to do is move the cup to an empty table.


The initiative is the brainchild of the Live at Home’s Chief Executive, Jackie Bridson. It’s been one she’s wanting to roll out for a while, but coming out of lockdown, the scheme seemed more important than ever. Live at Home provides socialising opportunities for older people in our community, and, coming out of lockdown, this is more important than ever. While their other events will carry on, this scheme is available to anyone in the community, regardless of age, just wanting a natter. It’s a way to keep the community spirit high this winter. 

Cafes that have opted into the scheme will be marked out with a sticker in the window. ‘Following the bees’ (i.e. finding the tables with the bees on) will lead you to a table that will indicate that you’re up for a conversation. So far, Costa cafes, Harbour Lights Peel, Harbour Lights at the Sefton, The Fishery and Cycle360 have joined the initiative, with other cafes undoubtedly following soon.

For more information about the charity, visit: www.liveathome.im