Money, money, money, must be funny in the Tynwald world. Okay so they weren’t singing about MHKs but who doesn’t love a bit of ABBA on a Friday.

So, this week Tynwald voted to follow the recommendations of a panel including former Chief Min Sir Miles Walker to boost MHKs’ base rate of pay. Essentially what they earn before they become ministers or chairmen or members of departments.

The MHKs basic rise from £43,479 (plus £7,400 for no questions asked expenses) to £65,098, which now includes their expenses as part of their salary. There will be extra cash for the next Chief Min (30%), their Ministers, the President and the Speaker (15%), and all board chairmen (5%). The changes will take shape after the general election next September.

There is a different pay for MLCs who will be paid £61,455. Meanwhile, a panel will also be established next year which will in future set the pay structure for Tynwald members to avoid a repeat of this increase where members felt like they were being made to vote for their own pay rise by backing the panel’s recommendations.