Hannah SimpsonHannah Simpson

Hannah Simpson

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. When Hannah Simspon, a local beauty therapist, found warm chewing-gum-like wax covering, and thus ruining, her carseat, handbag and footwell after breaking suddenly while transporting warm wax between salons, she knew she needed a piece of equipment to help the wax get safely from A to B. An extensive search of google found that there was nothing to solve her problem: so Hannah took things into her own hands.

GoWaxGo, Hannah’s inventionGoWaxGo, Hannah’s invention

GoWaxGo, Hannah’s invention

Hannah did a worldwide patent search and invested some money. She approached a friend who did some 3D CAD design. She had a meeting with Strix (the kettle control people), who were willing to give her some ideas. FInally she met with Dr John Taylor OBE, the inventor of the kettle thermostat who gave her alternative suggestions to try and create a pot that would keep the wax warm. And thus, GoWaxGo was born: a product that Hannah describes as the “ultimate portable warm wax holding container for the professional therapist. The container can travel safely in the car or at a clients house, or moved room to room in a salon. It gives you the security in knowing that your wax will not spill and cause a mess everywhere, while holding its heat”.

The process of creating the product took two and a half years, with the idea being in Hannah’s head for 5 years. The biggest, and most surprising challenge was sourcing a container that had a wide enough neck to accommodate a wax pot. Hannah found that when the neck was wide enough, the container was too tall. She spent many hours talking to Chinese manufacturers, to no avail. The one silver lining of lockdown was that Hannah had extra time- which meant she found what she was looking for.

While Hannah may now be an entrepreneur, she is also a beauty therapist with 18 years experience. If your interest has been piqued, and you’re interested in getting your first wax- Hannah advises to exfoliate and moisturize a few days before the wax, but don’t apply any cream on the day. Hannah’s favourite technique is “fast and painless”: which sounds like the ideal wax to me. 

GoWaxGo will be sold worldwide, launching this Sunday, November 29. The launch will include a 10% discount offer. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or visit http://www.letsgowaxgo.com for more information.