If Christmas Films Were Set In The Isle of Man…

We all love a festive film this time of year but it got us thinking, what would some of our all time faves look like if they were set in the Isle of Man?

Home Alone

Home Alone would be a non-starter in the Isle of Man. The McAllisters would undoubtedly live in a fat house up Hillberry Green. When Kevin’s mum doesn’t hear little Kev pipe up to say hello to the fairies, she would try and give him an earful about jeopardizing the journey, only to realise he was never in the taxi. They would reluctantly turn back, missing their flight to Liverpool and consequently, their connecting flight, and Christmas would be ruined. 


Buddy the Elf would head to Rambo to finally meet his Dad- a pilgrimage known to many. He’d get to Ramsey to find that he has not one- but hundreds- of half siblings that were conceived in the toilets of Nightlife.

Unlike the real film, where Buddy is amazed at the technology of the big Apple, Buddy would actually find Ramsey quite backwards.

Die Hard

All the office party-goers would be too drunk to notice that they’re being held hostage. By the time Hans Gruber falls off the office building (sustaining mild injuries as the building is only two stories high), the hostages would be trying to round themselves up to go down the cazzy. 

Muppets Christmas Carol

Three words. House of Keys.

Love Actually

Mark would pop up at Juliet’s doors, blaring carols. All the neighbours would be shouting out their windows for the carol singers to ‘shut the f*ck up’. A neighbour would invariably text Peter about the commotion, and on discovering his best mate is trying to chat up his bird. Peter would be full of kick off, end up in a fist fight with Mark and then spend Christmas in the cells. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch is a miserable sod who has moved as far away from society as he can- the Point of Ayre. He attempts to steal Christmas, but his plan is thwarted when someone notices him acting dodgy, and puts it on a ‘who, what, when’ Facebook group.

Miracle on 34th Street

Instead of 34th Street, the prom. The miracle? Part of it’s open again.