Isolation could be cut to 10 days

Gef understands that the gov is working towards a major change in its testing and isolation policy.

Currently all arrivals in the island are subject to a mandatory 14 day isolation. With the exception of key workers, arrivals must either be able to isolate alone or their whole household must isolate too.

An email seen by Gef says that the Council of Ministers has requested officers make preparations for day one and day 10 testing for people arriving in the island.

If the second test returns a negative result then people would be able to end their isolation period early. The email said the gov is ‘intending to use testing to support a move to day 10 testing and release from self isolation’. However it adds that the gov will also ‘take into account levels of Covid infection in the UK before a final decision to implement this is taken’.

The move comes days after the UK announced it too would move to a 10 day isolation period on receipt of a negative test.

At this time, there is no clear indication as to when the gov will consider introducing this change.

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