We will know V-Day date today

We will know by the end of the day when the island’s vaccine roll out will begin. Health Minister Ashy told the House of Keys this morning that the paperwork provided by the UK gov is now being considered by the island’s Attorney General.

When will it be?

As we heard yesterday, the roll out will either begin on Monday, Dec 21 or Jan 4 as the island now has two batches of 975 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, meaning vaccination can begin.

What else did he say?

As well as having the Pfizer vaccine, Ashy confirmed the island will also be entitled to our share of the Oxford and Moderna vaccines if and when they are granted the go ahead.

Ashy told the Keys that the island will be entitled to 130,000 doses of the Oxford vaccine, enough for 65,000 people and 9,100 of the Moderna vaccines, enough for 4,500 people.

Will these vaccines be treated differently?

Yes! While the Pfizer vaccine needs to be stored at -70c, the Oxford and Moderna vaccines only need to be chilled at a higher temperature, meaning that while the Pfizer vaccine will be administered from one central hub at the airport, the other vaccines should be able to be done from your GP, just like a flu or holiday jab.

How will people get to the hub

Ashy said his department is working with Bus Vannin to ensure people will be able to get to and from the hub with as much ease as possible by laying on special services. However, if people have their own transport, they will be able to drive to the hub as well. 

I understand hesitation

Ashy also told MHKs that he understands why some people are not instantly keen on taking the vaccines and that he recognises some will see the speed it was developed as a concern. However, he restated that the vaccines have and are subject to strict clinical trials. He advised people ‘listen to the professionals’.

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