The gov has confirmed January 4 2021 will be the island’s V-Day.

Health Minister Ashy said: ‘We had thought it might be possible to start vaccinating from Monday, but with a small number of critical issues outstanding, the practical option is to start on the next available date, January 4 when these issues will have been resolved.’

The gov confirmed the first batches of the Pfizer vaccine were delivered to the island this week.
Each of the two trays received contains 975 doses of the vaccine, and under current protocols trays cannot be split. This means almost 1,000 doses must be defrosted, transported and prepared for putting into arms within a few days.

Modelling by the DHSC’s Vaccination Programme Board has concluded that it will take three days to deliver the vaccine to the recipients and six weeks in total for the first few priority groups, depending on vaccine delivery.

Ashy added: ‘We have written to medically vulnerable and high priority groups within DHSC staff, care home and other social care staff, inviting them to register for a vaccine. Appointments are now being given for this cohort from January 4.
‘During the coming week, registration for all other remaining health and care staff and care home workers will begin, with the roll-out for care home residents starting thereafter.’

However the island will behind our neighbours in rolling out the vaccine as it has already begun in the UK, Jersey and Guernsey.

New web pages containing information about the vaccine and the island’s delivery programme as well as links to a wealth of expert articles and research is live at with additional content being added on an ongoing basis.