What happened this weekend


Health Minister Ashy confirmed that the island’s V-Day won’t be until January 4. He said the delay was because of ‘a small number of critical issues’. There had been hope the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine rollout would have begun today.

Busy weekend for the police

The big positive was there were no arrests for drink driving and the majority of islanders enjoyed the last weekend before Christmas with no bother. However, over the weekend, the police said they had arrested six people on Black Eye Friday, five of which were for alcohol related offences. On Sunday they reported having eight in the cells, two of which were held from the day before with alcohol involved in most incidents.

Air routes may be affected

Scottish airline Loganair has confirmed that the island’s air routes will continue to be served even as it cuts routes as a result of the extra restrictions imposed in the UK. From Tuesday Loganair will move to an emergency schedule but the Ronaldsway to Liverpool, Manchester and Heathrow routes will continue to fly, although they may be subject to changes. The emergency schedule will be in place until February.

No change to Manx borders

After Covid rules were tightened in the UK, Ashy told Gef there will be no changes to entry restrictions to the island.

‘Anyone entering the island who is a non resident can only do so on approved compassionate grounds and everyone entering whether resident or non resident still has to self isolate along with their household for 14 days.’

Knighter to ride Dakar

Manx Enduro legend David Knight has announced that he will be racing in the Dakar Rally for the first time in his career in January. Starting on January 3, the world’s most famous rally runs until January 15 over 4,751 miles and is being held in Saudi Arabia. Knight is a three time world champion in Enduro racing and won back to back titles in 2005 and 2006.

Christmas is cancelled in London

On Saturday night PM Boris Johnson announced some heartbreaking news for people living in London and the south east of England as he outlined a new Tier 4. For those in Tiers 1, 2 and 3, households will only now be allowed to meet up on Christmas Day. In Tier 4, people should not mix outside their own household, apart from support bubbles. Meanwhile Wales is going into a new lockdown and tighter restrictions in Scotland have included closing its border with England.

Europe closes the border

Over the weekend more countries began to ban people from travelling there from the UK including Germany, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey and Canada. France has also banned people or accompanied freight from entering the country on a ferry or the Eurotunnel leaving England. Supermarket Sainsbury’s has warned there could be shortages of some items in the coming days.

A spokesperson said: ‘If nothing changes, we will start to see gaps over the coming days on lettuce, some salad leaves, cauliflowers, broccoli and citrus fruit – all of which are imported from the continent at this time of year.’

However, they added that food for a traditional Christmas dinner was available and already in the country.


As you were, fishing continues to put a block on everything and the deadline set by the European Parliament for a trade deal to be agreed has now passed. But in EU negotiations a deadline is rarely a fixed point.

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