Manx fishes remain on EU dishes

A limited number of European fishing boats will be allowed  to fish in Manx waters as part of the Brexit trade deal.

The free trade agreement, announced today by Prime Minister Boris Johnson ensures tariff and quota-free trade with the EU will continue for Manx produce.

While the Isle of Man was never a member of the EU, we enjoyed a special relationship, as did Jersey and Guernsey, because of our status as a Crown Dependency.

Chief Minister HQ said the deal will ‘protect our exports of agricultural and manufactured goods.  It provides opportunities for our businesses, and gives certainty for the future’.
He added: ‘Any negotiation involves give and take. In order to secure a future free trade agreement, we were ready to allow fishing to continue in our territorial waters subject to some important principles.
’We have secured guarantees that it will not exceed levels that we are used to, from vessels that have a proven track record.’

As well as protecting exports, the deal announced today should prevent an increase in prices for imported goods.

The Chief Minister said: ‘While we, of course, have wonderful food and drink produced on the Island, we do still import a lot of products. This deal should ensure that shoppers do not see price hikes on a wide range of imported goods. This is important for families on the Island, and our wider economy.’

HQ will address Tynwald on how the deal affects us in an extra sitting on December 30. Later that day HQ will also hold a press conference which will be streamed live on Gef’s Facebook page.