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Plastic Busters

We started this year with the world on fire, and it’s not got much better. While a more pressing threat has been demanding our attention since March, it’s important that we keep the environment in our mind. 

Helping us keep the environment at the forefront of our actions is Plastic Busters, a group that aims to reduce plastic waste and engage in litter picking activities. Despite a global pandemic, the group has been able to hold over 20 group activities, and have collected 3,000 pounds of litter.

Since its inception last year, Plastic Busters has been going from strength to strength with over 2,000 followers in 70 different countries. The group has become an environmental partner of UNESCO Biosphere IOM, which is a testament to its strong commitment to sustainability.

While the group is best known for its litter-picking, its most recent venture is encouraging Manx residents and businesses to take the pledge to reduce plastic pollution. Plastics Busters wants individuals and businesses to achieve this by following the 10 ‘R’s:

  • Refuse

  • Reduce

  • Reuse

  • Repair

  • Refurbish

  • Remanufacture

  • Repurpose

  • Recycle

  • Recover

  • Re-mine

The website has handy tips to help reduce plastic pollution, including a guide on how to reduce plastic waste in the office.

Here at Gef, we’ve signed the pledge to reduce plastic pollution. If you, or your business, are interested in reducing your plastic waste, you can take the pledge here.