May gef 2020 yearbook.pngMay gef 2020 yearbook.png

In May we discovered that the MGP and Classic TT were cancelled too, but while there was an acceptance of that, the decision to scrap the Senior Race Day bank holiday led to a petition that attracted thousands of signatures before Treasury Minister Alf Cannan announced he was moving it to August to create the SuperManx Bank Holiday.

Despite gov attempts to rescue the economy, the island’s unemployment rate hit levels not seen at any point in the past 22 years as 1,347 people signed on.

However in a more positive step, HQ announced that non essential shops could reopen and the island had its last new confirmed case of Covid until September.

In the UK, the death rate rose to higher than any other country in Europe as worldwide cases of Covid reached six million.

Meanwhile the nation took 100 year old Captain Tom Moore and his quest to raise £1,000 for his local NHS to its heart. By the time he turned 100 Captain Tom had raised over £30m and it was announced that he would be knighted by the Queen.

It was also the month that put Barnard Castle on the map as Boris Johnson’s special advisor Dominic Cummings drove 25 miles to the town from his parent’s home in Durham where he and his family had gone to after his wife fell ill. He said he drove to the market town in order to test his eyesight.

In America the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis sparked protests against police brutality in America and around the world.

June Gef Post.pngJune Gef Post.png

By June the beacons were lit and HQ decreed that not only was social distancing gone, but the PUBS WERE OPEN BABY!!! It was a little weird at first but we all quickly settled into pub life as if we’d never been away. HQ also went one further and said we could all go off on hols as the gov had arranged an air bridge with the only other Covid free island nearby, Guernsey. Not to be outdone by the airplanes, the Steam Packet had its own celebration as the world’s oldest ferry operator turned 190. 

As Black Lives Matter demonstrations continued around the world, protestors in Bristol pulled down a statue of 18th century slave trader Edward Colston, dragged it through the town and dumped it in the harbour. This followed Blackout Tuesday when social media posts were changed to solid black screens in memory of George Floyd and to highlight racial injustice.

The month also saw an outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and 55 people died. However by November the country said it had the virus under control.

In one of the most surprising developments of the year German police said they believed Maddie McCann is dead and identified a convicted sex offender Christian B as her likely killer. Despite this and fresh work in Portugal, the sad tale has still not been resolved.