September gef 2020 yeaerbook.pngSeptember gef 2020 yeaerbook.png

September saw Covid back on the the island as a returning resident tested positive for the virus, however while we would see more cases, the vast majority of them were isolating individuals.

With airlines around the world struggling to survive the pandemic, people on the island were calling for the gov to create a state airline. The idea failed to gain traction and is unlikely to get off the ground anytime soon.

Students in the island returned to school with Dr Al confirming attendance was again to be mandatory with Manx pupils being among the few in the British Isles to return to normal classrooms.

An announcement by the Isle of Man Bank that it is to close its Peel and Castletown branches in early 2021 was met with anger by residents, business owners and politicians, but the bank has so far refused to change its plans.

Across the water, Extinction Rebellion held protests at News UK printing presses, blocking newspapers such as The Sun from being sold across the country.

Schools also reopened in the UK, but there was to be some disruption based on infection rates in their area.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “The Notorious RBG” dies, leading to mass public outpouring of grief for one of America’s most famous and historic liberal judges. Despite her death bed plea not to be replaced before November’s election, Republicans set about immediately replacing RBG, ensuring a conservative majority on the Court.

October Gef Post.pngOctober Gef Post.png

October saw the island make the headlines in the UK as five welders from Doncaster were jailed for breaching Covid regulations. Having come to the island to work on the railways, they went to Tesco for a meal deal and ended up being handed sentences of four weeks each.

At the same time a positive case of Covid at the prison led to visiting rights being suspended and inmates kept in their cells for longer each day.

Manx photographer Chris Killip, whose work has been displayed around the world, dies of lung cancer. As well as taking iconic black and white pictures of Teeside in the 1980s, he also lectured at Harvard.

And the island’s very own Hollywood sign, the Electric Railway signage over Derby Castle was removed. It is intended to be replaced in the new year.

Off island, the world was gripped as President Donald Trump tested positive for Covid and was later taken to hospital just weeks out from the US election.

Meanwhile as Trump was preparing for an election, Jacinda Ardern was winning one as the New Zealand Prime Minister’s party secured victory.

Parts of Europe were rocked by an earthquake which killed 116 people in Turkey, with 1,034 more injured. A further two people died in Greece, with another 19 injured.

Meanwhile in the UK Boris announced Lockdown 2 and the worldwide case of Covid hit 45 million.