Who else is ready to say a fond farewell and f*ck off to 2020? This year has been a shocker globally. However, we’re all about welcoming the #posivibes in 2021 with some New Year’s Resolutions. 

Be more creative with our baking

While we all missed Mr B’s (other bakeries are available) over lockdown, we collectively discovered that baking is something you can do at home. Unfortunately, many of us lacked creativity and ended up just repeatedly making banana breads. If that sounds like you- maybe get a little more creative with your baking in 2021. After all, no one won the bake-off by just baking banana bread. 


No more drinking alone

Over lockdown, socialising via drinking on webcam was acceptable. It’s not in 2021. Get yourself down to the pubs, lads.

Cut down drinking, in general

While we might not have had anything to do bar drinking along with HQ every day, 2021 will bring healthy coping mechanisms. Stressed about the state of the world? Have a walk.

Do more of what we love

In 2020, many of us found ourselves reconnecting with the things and hobbies we love. Let’s keep that momentum up and keep doing the things we love.

Stop smoking

If you find yourself going on “walks” during work hours to feed your nicotine addiction, maybe it’s time to embrace the ol’ nicotine gum and patches.

Stop procrastinating

2020 taught us that even the best laid plans can go askew. If there’s something you want to do, don’t delay it- grab life by the balls, you never know what the future holds.

Appreciate what we’ve got 

2020 has thrown a lot at us collectively, and while it has taken away a lot from many of us, it’s also allowed us to reflect on what we have got. Let’s keep that energy going in 2021.