Haven Homes Boss Explains Why Site Opened Today

There has been some concern raised by several of our readers today over why a building site in the north of the island was still open while others had closed. That site was the Grove Park site in Ramsey, where Haven Homes is building houses. Haven’s Managing Director Dave Lewis explained the situation to Gef and said the relevant authorities were informed by the company.

Mr Lewis said: ‘Our offices and sites across the Island were closed down on Wednesday at 4.30pm with the exception of our Grove Park site in Ramsey where, up until 1pm today, a reduced staff were continuing with certain essential works that we deemed permissible under the latest guidance.

‘We had advised the Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate and the Police joint control room of these intended essential/emergency works, as it is reasonable to assume members of the public will have concerns and, unless in the construction industry, are only likely to be aware of the headline guidance that the Construction Sector is to close.

‘For a point of clarification, I have been made aware that comments may have been made on social media platforms suggesting HSWI and/or the Police supported the continuation of these works. HSWI and the Police were advised of the intended essential/emergency works but neither at any time endorsed them. As most people will appreciate, due to the speed in which these scenarios have to be dealt with the guidance cannot capture every scenario in detail and all businesses are faced with the dilemma of making their best assessment and interpretation of the guidance.’