Lockdown Trends

Weird how much things can change in a week. One week, you’re bringing in the new year with a load of drunk strangers, and the next you’re in lockdown (or, as HQ likes to put it, a ‘circuit breaker’). We are lucky that since it’s been a little while since lockdown 1.0, the lockdown fatigue hasn’t quite kicked in. We’re ready to take lockdown 2.0 by the balls and try some new trends. 

Instead of banana bread…

You’ve refined your skills in lockdown 1.0. It’s time to get ambitious. Get creative and make your very own showstopper. A five tiered cake representing the struggles of man? Go for it.

Instead of clapping at our doors…

It was nice, but maybe we could do something that actually helps our NHS staff. JUST A THOUGHT.

Instead of zoom quizzes…

Literally anything else, please. By the end of the zoom quiz phenomenon, I’m sure I wasn’t alone in hoping that our internet would go down and we’d be free from the hell of three hours pretending sitting in front of a laptop is anything near as good as actually going to the pub. Instead of organised, virtual “fun”, maybe a phone call will suffice?

Instead of garden drinking…

God, wasn’t the weather in lockdown 1.0 nice. Unfortunately, this lockdown is in January, and it is icy AF. Leave the fruity ciders for summer, and get around the fire for some (boozy) winter warmers. How very hygge. 

Instead of Tiger King…

Bridgerton. Less crackhead Floridians, more 19th century shagging. 

Instead of panic buying..

There’s nothing more cringe than leaving Tesco with half their stock. This lockdown, challenge yourself to eat what you’ve got in- even if that’s a packet of fish fingers, half a selection box and some bisto. 


For some reason, everyone went a bit mental for pasta last lockdown. This lockdown, I’m suggesting we all celebrate the infinitely better and more versatile carb, the potato. Mash? Chips? Gnocchi? The variations are endless.*

*This isn’t sponsored by any potato suppliers, it just happens that I’m a huge fan of spuds. They’re just class, aren’t they?