Day: 12 January 2021

Shielding Extended for Clinically Vulnerable

A further period of shielding is to be advised for people identified as clinically vulnerable and extremely clinically vulnerable, to reduce the risk of exposure to coronavirus.   People in these groups were offered guidance on protecting themselves by staying home and taking additional precautions for seven days, from when the […]

Gef’s Daily Roundup

Welcome to day 6 of lockdown. Yep, it’s been less than a week. Nope, I can’t believe it either.  David Attenborough receives his first Covid-19 vaccine Good news, as the nation’s Grandad has received his first Covid-19 vaccine. If he can’t convince everyone to get the vaccine, no one can… […]

Cannabis and Tynwald

Now don’t get too excited, we’re still only talking of cultivation for medicinal and industrial uses. But at this month’s Tynwald sitting, Douglas North MHK Ralph Peake is moving the motion approving the Misuse of Drugs (Cannabis) Regulations 2020. If approved by Tynwald, it will become possible in the Isle […]