Image credit: Isle of Man ConstabularyImage credit: Isle of Man Constabulary

Image credit: Isle of Man Constabulary

Cop News

The Police have announced the roll out of its new Covid Response Unit. The unit, led by Sergeant Lee Wright, provides a response to those in isolation having returned to the island, or having been directed to isolate by 111 or the contact tracing team, and also provides support to their colleagues at the ports and the testing teams at the Grandstand. 

Sergeant Wright said ‘It’s important that we have a capability to safely deal with those who breach any directions to isolate, but it’s equally important to have a unit that can respond to those in isolation when they need us as victims of crime or domestic abuse, or if they are struggling with mental health issues. By having a dedicated unit with advanced PPE we are able to provide this service while minimising the risk to Officers and the public, and any potential spread of the virus. It’s really important that those directed to isolate do so, but we don’t want those people to struggle or feel alone; if you need us, call and we’ll be there.’

New Lib Vannin Chair

Paul Weatherall has been elected as the new chairman of the Liberal Vannin Party by its members. Mr Weatherall takes over from outgoing chair Michael Josem. He told Gef of some of the party’s policies in preparation for its General Election manifesto. These include:

  • How we strengthen our finances after the Covid 19 battering;

  • Supporting and developing our rural economy;

  • Ensuring that an all-island housing policy includes incentives for homeowners to improve insulation and replace their fossil fuel heating systems;

  • Working with the tourist industry and holiday accommodation providers to re-vitalise what we offer to visitors in innovative but sustainable ways, with particular emphasis on eco-tourism

  • Supporting changes in legislation on social issues, such as assisted dying and the personal use of cannabis.

  • Bringing forward to 2040, our government’s commitment to meeting it’s zero-carbon target

Own a piece of history

The jet ski used by Dale McLaughlan to travel illegally from the Isle of Whithorn to the Isle of Man last month is for sale on Ebay. As of 3.15pm, the highest bid is £5,300 for the jet ski which he has described as ‘in great condition some age related marks but otherwise runs perfect’. The 2015 model is being held in Douglas and must be collected by the purchaser.

Guild is Cancelled

The Manx music, speech and dance festival, better known as The Guild has been cancelled for the second successive year. Organisers decided that the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 situation means they have to act decisively and cancel the festival. Chairman Anne Clarke said: ‘We appreciate that many people will be disappointed by this news as we were hopeful that this year’s Festival could go ahead as planned, however sadly it is not to be. We hope everyone can understand why we’ve had to take this difficult decision and would like to assure you that, pandemic permitting, the Guild will be back bigger, better and stronger than ever in the 130th year since its inception.’

Trump Impeachment 2 

They say sequels are always worse, except for the Godfather 2 of course, but over in the good old US of A the Democrats are again pushing ahead with the second Impeachment charge against President Trump. The vote is expected to pass through the House of Representatives as the Dems have a majority, but it is in the Senate where the true political drama will unfold. It is not expected that the impeachment will be a success but what will be interesting is which Republicans vote against the President. Last time only former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney voted against party lines but this time prominent Republicans such as Senator Mitch McConnell are said to be happy to rid the party of Trump and have been conspicuous by their silence in opposing impeachment.