Manx Students Fees Fixed

Manx uni students will pay home fees to attend all English universities and colleges from 2021 after clarification was received from the UK Government. An increasing number of higher education institutions in England had indicated to the Isle of Man Government that they were planning to adopt this approach in the near future. 

In light of this, the Chief Ministers of the Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey requested the UK Gov review the situation as part of legislative work in the run up to the end of the Brexit transition period. 

This week, the UK’s Secretary of State for Education confirmed that students from the Crown Dependencies will be treated the same as UK students with regard to home fee status in the next academic year. 

Chief Minister HQ said: This definitive position is welcome news that will give our students certainty over their future goals. I would like to personally thank Mr Williamson for this clarity and I am also grateful to the Ministry of Justice for their involvement. It has been very positive to see officials from the UK Gov working side by side with colleagues from the three Crown Dependencies to deliver a positive outcome.’ 

DoI Gives Flood Assurance

With the forecast of heavy rain tonight, the DoI has moved to calm the fear of villagers in Laxey that it may overwhelm the river and flood parts of the lower valley.

A spokesman said: ‘We would like to reassure the public that the river has been inspected this morning,  along with the debris catcher in the Glen Gardens. No action was needed to be taken generally, nor was clearance of the debris catcher required.  There is adequate capacity in the river for the volume of water currently being experienced.

‘Please note that sandbags are available to the public at the Laxey Football car park on Glen Road, next to the department’s depot;  as a precautionary measure additional sandbags were deposited there this morning.’

Harley’s Mask

I make no apologies for this, I have only included it to give me an excuse to use the cute picture of Police Dog Harley wearing a mask on his head. On a serious note more information on masks and face coverings can be found here:-…/guidance-on-face-coverings/


Fraud Warning

A Police spokesman also warned about the increase in fraud attempts by cold callers and warned islanders never to give out personal information to someone who rings you. Also, put the phone down and ring the company on its official numbers, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

The Police said: ‘Please take care as scammers are in some cases able to replicate the phone number of banks and other companies. They have also figured out we are in lockdown and have pretended to be Manx workers who are working from home, yes we know how low can you get! They may say that they have detected fraud on your account and are trying to help, they may ask for details or try and transfer you to another department to sort the issue.

‘Be very wary of any calls out of the blue, don’t give any details over the phone, and if in any doubt hang up. Call the bank or company back on a number you know and trust to check if you are worried but make sure the line has been put down at the other end first. Phone your bank urgently if you have given out any details, the number will be on the back of your card.’

Primarni Backs the High Street

Some good news for those Manx lads and lasses who love nothing more than a trip on the Sea Cat to Liverpool to stay in the Prem Inn, have a cheeky Nandos and spend a few hours in Primarni, as the clothes store has committed to reopening stores when its allowed to. Despite Covid costing more than £1bn in lost sales, Primark insists it has no plans to sell clothes online. Despite all of its UK stores being closed, the company says setting up an online store would force it to up it’s prices. 

On Thursday, consumers called on Primark to embrace e-commerce with one tweeting: ‘Online sales are thru the roof during the pandemic. You’re missing out on a LOT of money.’

But Primark responded: ‘We prefer to sell our products in our physical stores but thanks for the suggestion.’