Campaign in conjunction with VillaGaiety

Here at Gef, we’ve been shot by cupid’s arrow and are feeling the lurrrvvv 😍

With Valentine’s just around the corner, we’ve teamed up with VillaGaiety to share the love with our Love at first show campaign. We’re craving some stories that aren’t to do with the big C-word (Covid, obviously) and what could be better than a bit of Manx romance to lift the spirits? In short, we’re spreading love, not Covid.

It’s easy to see why we’ve teamed up with the Villa for this campaign: from the classic movie and dinner to a comedy gig, the VillaGaiety has provided the perfect setting for dates. With it being such an iconic venue, we want to know all your VillaGaiety love stories. We’re looking for the romantic, the cheesy, the epic. 

Did you lock eyes during the interval of the ballet, and you realised you found your very own nutcracker? Or was a date at the Broadway cinema the start of a grand romance worth a movie in itself? Did you look up from the stalls of the theatre and into the boxes, catching the eye of someone in the box? Did you, a simple pleb of the stalls defy the odds and manage to pull someone from the superior seats, creating the kind of class-defying love story that hasn’t been seen since Jack and Rose in Titanic (with hopefully a less tragic ending)? Did you think your fella had dropped a fruit gum on the ground, only to realise that he was getting down on one knee? Or maybe you went the whole hog and chose the villa as your wedding venue.

Maybe your love story happened on the stage. Were you the leading lady who fell for the lead man? Were you seduced by one of the dancer’s moves? Did the lighting tech light up your life? 

While we all love a good romance, some of the greatest love stories are platonic. If you met the Buzz to your Woody at the VillaGaiety, or have a cheeky tradition with your bestie, we want to hear from you!

If you’ve got a love story that could bring a tear to a glass eye, get in touch! Send your love stories and your name, your partners name, contact number and the venue that was the focus of your story here. All entries to be submitted by January, 20, 2021.

Our favourite stories will be made into videos: hopefully creating the best romantic movie set and filmed on the IOM since Mindhorn (alright- so we’re not known for our romance films, but Mindhorn was a cracking film regardless, right?). We’re looking forward to hearing your tales of how Juan met Sally, about being Sleepless in Santon and Dirty (Manx) Dancing. 

We can’t wait to hear from you, lovebirds 💕

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