Last lockdown we were all enthralled with Tiger King. Thankfully the misery of that show has evaded us this time around, but what else is there to make sure everyone can find something to watch?

Period Dramas

If you like your fancy frocks and horse carriage based pieces, you can’t go wrong with Bridgerton. The series takes on Regency London with a look at ‘The Season’, matchmaking, marriages of convenience and a questionable amount of outdoor shagging. Or if you’d like to rewatch a series or have always intended to watch one but never got round to it, Poldark or Pride and Prejudice are both still available on the streaming site of your choice. And of course, don’t forget The Crown if you feel like getting a history degree in a load of made up upper class shenanigans.


Maybe you want to blow away the January blues and look towards February with a bit of romance, Netflix has some proper classic series such as Dawson’s Creek and Gilmore Girls. Alternatively, if you want to lose yourself in a good film, Notting Hill is always a winner and if you want some more questionable shagging, Friends with Benefits is there as well. And for any couples wanting to spice up their love life, 50 Shades of Grey is also on Netflix just in case you need any ideas.


There’s tons of stuff available here, from The Hangover series to Ted and Police Academy to We’re the Millers, there are just hours you can waste away laughing into your third bag of Doritos. For a series, classics like Black Books and The Office (for those of us who miss hating on co-workers) and more recently hilarious series like Sex Education are always a go. But, if you miss your all inclusive holidays to Spain, Benidorm is still clinging to streaming sites like your back sticks to a cheap plastic sun bed. 


Maybe you want a gripping twisty turny series or film to get into, something like Law Abiding Citizen or Misery are always worth a few hours of anyone’s time. Alternatively, if you want to see Liam Neeson doing his thing, Walk Among the Tombstones (basically just Taken in a cemetery) is also available. My favourite is Zodiac, which is just astounding and follows the hunt for a real life serial killer in America. And if you would prefer a series, Life on Mars remains the best British TV show of the past 21 years.


I will unashamedly say right now that The Thick of It is inside my top 5 shows of all time. It is just brilliant. Set in the fictitious Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship (which for some reason includes the Isle of Man) Peter Capaldi’s Malcolm Tucker is one of the best TV characters in any comedy series, let alone a political one. More problematic given the fall of its main lead Kevin Spacey is House of Cards. The series, despite everything else, is masterful as, alongside Robin Wright (Jenny from Forrest Gump) Spacey’s Frank Underwood aims to take down a President. However, if you fancy something more lighthearted and wholesome, the West Wing is on Amazon Prime and is a wonderful series done over eight years with Martin Sheen at the helm as President Josiah Bartlet. And for a lighter side to local politics, Parks and Recreation is just mad. A few honourable mentions include Spotlight, All the Presidents Men and Shock and Awe.


Top Gear (before that cold supper) and The Grand Tour are brilliantly funny and even for people like me who just like cars because they look nice they are just a very good series. For more serious docs, there is the awesome Don’t F*ck with Cats, a whole week’s worth of Louis Theroux and Piers Morgan (in an attempt to appear like a rational human being) interviewing serial killers. Meanwhile, for those of who like a good murder series, there are hundreds of hours dedicated to this, Night Stalker is the newest and while it goes on bit in parts, after watching all of it in one night, I can say it is truly gripping.


If you enjoy watching sh*t blowing up and people getting shot, Netflix has everything from the bizarre Red to the epic John Wick 3. Basically, most of this stuff is good and often even the stuff that is crap is so bad it’s good, although try to avoid Mark Whalberg, he’s become like Liam Neeson in that if you’ve seen one guy from Boston defy the odds, you’ve seen them all.


If you want an exciting, enthralling ride, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a timeless classic while Les Mis (featuring Manxie Sam Barks) and Greatest Showman will make you wonder where the day has gone. For a proper rollercoaster ride of a film though, Moulin Rouge is hard to beat.


Lion King, don’t even try to argue with me, if this isn’t your go-to kids film, you’re just wrong so sit there in your wrongness and be wrong and get used to it.