Charlie Donates his Birthday Money to Help Others

A little legend from Laxey has decided to donate his birthday money because he wanted to help people.

Charlie, who recently turned 7, goes to Laxey Primary School, said he wanted to donate the money to the Foodbank so it could be used to help those who need it need it more than he does. 

His mum Leanne told Gef that when they were sat chatting Charlie asked: ‘Actually mummy can I donate the money to the Foodbank?’

She said: ‘He’d heard on the TV and we’d discussed it a bit and we’d looked at the posts on the Laxey community Facebook group that the Foodbank was struggling and needed bread, butter and other things.

‘So he said to me “we have a warm house, food in the fridge, some people just don’t have that so I’d like to help”.’

Leanne said she’d contacted the Foodbank to determine whether the charity, which has said it has got busier since lockdown than it was over Christmas, to see whether it would prefer a monetary donation or if she should do a big shop and donate the food.

Charlie showing his caring nature was not a surprise for Leanne as she said that even before he had started primary school, he had spent time going into a residential home to spend time with the elderly residents. Charlie then decided he wanted to save his pocket money to buy the residents Easter Eggs instead of spending the money on sweets for himself.

Well done Charlie, you’re a proper little Manx legend.