Outstanding Contribution to the Community – Extraordinary Islanders Finalists

Media partnership with Extraordinary Islanders

The pandemic has demonstrated that the Manx community has an incredible capacity to pull together in a crisis. The Outstanding Contribution to Community award, sponsored by KPMG, is celebrating the individuals and groups that went out of their way to support our Island community during lockdown. 

Francesca Signorio-Hooper

Francesca is the founder of charity helpout.im, an online hub for all things COVID-19 related on the island. The website quickly became a vital resource, and indeed a lifeline for many people on-island. It’s appeal for volunteers was a big success, attracting a team of recruits to support vulnerable and isolating members of the community. The website also matched skills and resources  readily available on the Island, to help businesses and members of the wider community get through the lockdown period and beyond.

Samantha Farrell

There is nothing more comforting – and often essential – than a home-cooked meal. Over lockdown, Samantha created the Facebook page ‘IOM Community Meal Donations’ to provide home-cooked meals for vulnerable people, those in isolation, and the young people at St Christopher’s. Over the course of 11 weeks, Samantha single-handedly cooked and distributed over 1,600 meals, supported by the community – and, of course, her partner and two young children. The freshly prepared food became a lifeline and vital source of nourishment to many who received them.

Ramsey Rugby Club

While rugby boys might get a bad rep, the fellas at Ramsey Rugby Club were all about doing good, as they rallied together to assure that no vulnerable people in the north of the Island went without. Dave Harding, Gareth Hinge and Michael Flynn tackled the impact of COVID-19 by organising the distribution of foodbank parcels,  and making shopping and prescription deliveries for shielding, isolating and returning residents. 

Many of the ‘Taskforce Team’ have continued to help some of our elderly and vulnerable residents in the north. For many, they have become an essential lifeline to the outside world.


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