Manx Gaelic Gets Extra Protections

Some good news for those who like to greet each other with a fastyr mie and try chat up lines like Vel oo çheet dys shoh dy mennick and By vie lhiat daunsey lhiam? 

The gov has received confirmation that Part III of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML) will be applied to the Manx Gaelic language.

I know, I know, that sounds a bit dull, but it isn’t. The charter protects and promotes regional and minority languages in Europe in order to maintain and develop cultural traditions and heritage.

This decision significantly strengthens the protection and promotion of the Manx Gaelic language, and recognises its revival in recent years thanks to community based initiatives.

The Manx Language Network, Jeebin, worked closely with the gov to prepare the submission. 

Jeebin is made up of language professionals from the DESC, including the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh and Manx Language Unit, Mooinjer Veggey and Culture Vannin, who work in conjunction with the language community.

Chris Thomas MHK, Chair of Culture Vannin, said: ‘By adopting Part III of the Charter, the Isle of Man is showing its commitment to our language and culture, and taking proactive steps to protect and promote this.’

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