Day: 20 January 2021

Can’t We Inject Some Urgency?

The island will continue to follow its planned vaccine rollout schedule, the health minister has confirmed, despite suggestions from MHKs that we should copy the system of other areas. Bill Shimmins MHK, in this week’s Tynwald sitting, suggested to Health Minister David Ashford that if he wants to speed up […]

Gef’s Daily Roundup

Baby Names The Civil Registry has revealed the most popular first names given to baby girls and boys in 2020 were Ella, Leo and Oliver. Leo, Oliver and Noah were the most popular boys names chosen in 2020, followed by Theodore which was also the most popular boys name in […]

Hospital Availability Changes Daily

There have been days where wards at Noble’s Hospital have had just one free bed each, but the situation changes everyday, the Health Minister has told Tynwald. David Ashford was being quizzed on capacity at Noble’s and why capacity has been lower this winter than it was during the summer. […]

Tynwald In Brief

Area Plan I warned you all it would be back on the radar and well now it is. The Area Plan for the East looks set for its day in court. In a written answer Policy and Reform Minister Ray Harmer confirmed that as of January 12 two claims were […]