Gef’s Daily Roundup

Baby Names

The Civil Registry has revealed the most popular first names given to baby girls and boys in 2020 were Ella, Leo and Oliver.

Leo, Oliver and Noah were the most popular boys names chosen in 2020, followed by Theodore which was also the most popular boys name in 2019. Other popular names in 2020 included Archie, Arthur, Rory and William.

In terms of baby girls, Ella took over the top spot from Lily and Isla which were previously the most popular names in 2019. Ava was the second most popular girls name, with Isabelle, Ivy and Matilda falling closely behind.

Patient Transfer Vaccines

Patients that travel off island to the UK for hospital treatment will be able to book a vaccination appointment from 25 January onwards. Priority daily vaccination slots will be made available for this purpose. The vaccines will be done, if possible, prior to transfer to the UK. Currently escorts will not be offered the vaccination.
Confirmation of suitability for the vaccine is required by the relevant medical professional directly involved in the patient’s care. This will either be a UK consultant or their GP. The patient needs to obtain this confirmation and send it to the Patient Transfer Office at The Patient Transfer team will collate the information with the 111 team contacting the patient to book for the vaccine. 

Minister Ashford said: ‘I am pleased that those vulnerable patients, who need to travel to the UK, as part of their treatment process will begin to receive the vaccine. It is a significant step in protecting these individuals.’

Domestic Abuse Act 2020: Call for Evidence

The Social Affairs Policy Review Committee would like to hear from members of the public on issues relating to the Domestic Abuse Act 2020.

It is inviting written submissions from anyone who would like to comment on Domestic Abuse, with a deadline of 5pm on Wednesday 10 February. Email is preferred but hard copy is equally acceptable. The committee will not publish any written submission relating to an individual case without the consent of the individual concerned. The committee may, however, publish written evidence relating to policy matters.

The members of the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee are Julie Edge MHK, Martyn Perkins MHK and Peter Greenhill MLC.

Border Wall Seesaws Win Award

The infamous Trump border wall between America and Mexico was designed to keep people apart, but seesaws put in to allow children from opposite sides to play together has won the 2020 Beazley Design of the Year award, which is run by London’s Design Museum. They were installed by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello at the Anapra zone in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. Even though they were only in place for a very short period, video footage of people using them went viral.

Elton John Bashes Brexit Deal

Some of the UK’s biggest music stars are demanding action to ensure visa-free touring for performers in the EU. Sir Elton John, Liam Gallagher and Nicola Benedetti are among 110 artists who have signed the open letter. It said they had been ‘shamefully failed’ by the gov over post-Brexit travel rules for UK musicians. The government said the signatories should be asking the EU why they ‘rejected the sensible UK proposal’. The row has highlighted yet another hole in the UK’s Brexit Deal after earlier this week fishermen protested at Westminster over difficulties in selling their catch to the EU.