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The Young Citizen award, sponsored by ZEDRA, proves you’re never too young to make a difference. From fundraising challenges to bringing university students together, this list proves that the island is full of young people willing to step up when the going gets tough.

Jayden Gaines

The island is known for its cycling legends, and it appears that we have a new one in our midst: 9-year-old Jayden Gaines. During lockdown, Jayden challenged himself to raise money for Ramsey Rugby Club’s ‘Doorstep Deliveries’ initiative by cycling 100 miles in under two weeks. While he initially intended to raise £100, Jayden absolutely smashed his target and raised an incredible £2,370.

Amy Cowley

Aged just 21, Amy Cowley performed a truly selfless act. Amy was registered with Anthony Nolan, and during lockdown, was matched with a child in the UK who needed a stem cell transplant. Amy made two solo trips to London to donate stem cells, meaning she had to spend time alone in hospital for long periods of time, and isolate on return to the island. In an already scary and uncertain time, Amy demonstrated incredible bravery.

Alaia Nicholson and Cat Woolley

The pandemic has been a disruptive time for all university students, but for Manx students in particular, both on and off-island, there has been a lot of uncertainty. Enter friends Alia Nicholson and Cat Wooley, who set up the Manx Student Union (MSU) to represent the needs of the island’s students.

MSU has provided information and resources on Manx student finance, mental health, getting back on island and much more. Like university though, it’s not all serious: MSU have organised student club nights and were behind ‘Operation Furry Bridge’, a mission that saw people bringing furry friends from the UK to the island, to be united with their new families without them having to isolate.


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