Sean Doyle, image credit: Vannin Photos/ Gary WeightmanSean Doyle, image credit: Vannin Photos/ Gary Weightman

Sean Doyle, image credit: Vannin Photos/ Gary Weightman

A lockdown movement is taking shape as this week a new, but familiar, challenge has taken to social media when Sean Doyle announced on facebook the return of the “5-5-5” challenge. 

Now cast your mind back to the first lockdown and everybody under the sun had signed up for Strava and your newsfeed was plastered with the notifications. That challenge. To recap, this is where individuals would run/walk 5km, donate £5 to charity and nominate 5 friends to do the same.

The charity in question this time round is Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation who have done so much work on the island for heart screenings and to the donation of defibrillators that have saved many lives, all in the memory of Craig Lunt. 

Sean said: ‘I chose CHF as I have had friends who have had heart defects detected by the foundation and as a result of the screenings they have been able to get fit and well and continue with exercise.’

Sean decided to nominate 10 people to get it going with a Facebook post, and I was fortunate enough to be chosen. Sure enough the domino effect is in place and it’s hoped that this could take off and capture the minds of the Manx public once again like many other charity events have done.

He said: ‘I was indecisive about doing this because you never know how popular it might become but seeing the community spirit on the island during these hard times in lockdowns, with a prime example being Christian Varley, it was too good an opportunity not to at least try to raise money for this amazing charity by starting this challenge.’

Of course we have been here before, and perhaps there might be some who were sick of seeing that notification Your Facebook friend… Has signed up for Strava” – but more than ever in a lockdown and in these tough times we need aims and goals to work towards, and despite not having the joys of sunlight and lovely weather to exercise in like last time round, perhaps it is even more important for mind and soul that we exercise now.

Sean doesn’t think that because we have been her before it means that people will be deterred, ‘I’m hoping this can encourage and kickstart a healthier 2021, mentally and physically.’

Paul Healey from Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation said: ‘When Sean came to me with the idea I jumped at the chance. It’s such a great way to fundraise but also amazing for the mind. In the last lockdown after I was nominated to do 5km, it made me get fit and start running again and a few months later I was doing the half marathon. It’s a great excuse to get out for some fresh air, exercise and raise some funds for charity along the way.’

The feel good factor encourages others to get involved and we’ve even had a local sports club, Ramsey Youth Centre & Old Boys, nominate their entire team for the challenge, while stating they will match the donation of their players to the charity.

It’s not about the times or how fit you are, the Strava kudos will be flying in from all over the place by just getting out and enjoying yourself and supporting this fantastic local charity. The money raised really will save lives as found out recently with Fergus Murdoch whose life was saved by a donated defibrillator at Douglas Golf Club. Without the foundation’s donation and the quick thinking of Fergus’ playing partners, he wouldn’t be here today. 

By supporting this, not only will you be doing something good for you, but you will be saving a life.

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