Team Spirit and Wellbeing – Extraordinary Islanders Finalists

Media partnership with Extraordinary Islanders

The first of the Extraordinary Islanders’ categories is Team Spirit and Wellbeing, sponsored by RL360. This award celebrates the individuals and groups that stepped up to support the people around them. 

Sinead O’Connor

Sinead, who is Head of Regulatory and Compliance services at DQ Advocates, personally assured that every member of staff at the firm felt safe, valued and comfortable. Her actions were  completely genuine and thoroughly appreciated by every member of the DQ team. While the Island’s lockdown was in full flight, Sinead’s regular interaction with her colleagues helped to create a positive and upbeat mood during a very difficult time.

In addition to her well being focused in the workplace, Sinead maintained her commitment to the Samaritans, volunteering  on a regular basis during lockdown.

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Assuring that there was a boat in the morning, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company stepped up to ensure the Island remained supplied with essential items. The team handled themselves with incredible professionalism as they quickly adapted to a new and challenging situation. This includes the reservations team, who were on hand to answer queries and rearrange bookings; the on-board crew who quickly adjusted to new schedules and adopted additional COVID-19 precautions; and the freight team who manoeuvred huge volumes of items. In short, the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company maintained and adapted their services without missing a beat, and we couldn’t have got through Lockdown without them.

Luke Adebiyi

A bit like Capital International’s answer to Joe Wicks, Luke Adebiyi assured the health and wellbeing of his colleagues by producing packs that included exercises, recipes, work from home tips, music and much more – all alongside working his full-time role. He also created a virtual staffroom for those missing those watercooler chats, and organised events for staff from both the Isle of Man and South Africa so they could catch up, making a huge impact on staff wellbeing.


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