Day: 25 January 2021

Island is Failing Victims

An MLC is criticising the lack of a Sexual Assault Referral Centre on island, which has forced victims to travel to the UK without forensics taken from the body – which may result in strong evidence for court cases being lost.  Tanya August-Hanson was due to ask for an update […]

Gef’s Daily Roundup

Vaccine Scammers Some lowlife scum have been making calls and sending emails about making Covid vaccination appointments. The Police have reminded people how these appointments are made and warned the public to be vigilant for scammers.  A spokesman said: ‘The correct process is:- You will initially only get a letter […]

Order! Order!

After the exciting January edition of Tynwald, it’s back to Upstairs Downstairs this week as MHKs and MLCs have busy order papers. Question Time Starting with questions, Claire Chirstian has an urgent question on domestic abuse during lockdown. In response to this, Justice and Home Affairs Minister Graham Cregeen has […]

The Isle of Man Foodbank

Neal Mellon of the Isle of Man Foodbank The Isle of Man Foodbank, set up and run by Neal Mellon, with a band of volunteers, is providing much needed support for men, women and children across the island. Gef visited the Foodbank this past week, keeping our two metres at […]

Schools Preparing to Open

Plans for the reopening of all Isle of Man schools will step up a gear this week. Schools closed on Thursday 7 January, except for 14 educational hubs maintained for vulnerable children and those of essential workers. This week, local hubs will be created at all primary schools to deliver […]

Covid Support Extended

Covid financial support measures MERA and the Salary Support Scheme have both been extended to assist those who are unable to return immediately to work following the coronavirus circuit breaker lockdown. People who have been able to return to work over the weekend, or who will be returning to work […]

Rally Red Flagged

The Manx National Rally, planned for May 14 and 15, has been cancelled because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  Organiser and promoter Manx Auto Sport had been in the advanced stages of planning for the two-day rally which would see a host of competitors from across the UK and beyond […]