Most Memorable CCG Moments

Just over four years ago, a young creative in the Gef office, Natasha Parry, gifted the nation ‘National Chips Cheese Gravy Day.

She decreed that the last Monday of every January would be a day dedicated to celebrating our much loved unofficial national dish. 

Over the years, it’s brought a consumer boom to the island’s chippies on what would usually be a drab January Monday, and has earned the Isle of Man some national PR on the beeb (their vid currently has over 3 MILLION views) and ITV, who’d have thought!

Here are some of the most memorable moments over the years;


In an inspired moment, Matt Aire decided that the celebrity of choice to launch CCG day should be no other than Wagner. After becoming WhatsApp friends and exchanging £33 + VAT (yep, Wagner is VAT registered) he sent us this masterpiece. 

CCG Pizza

Our clever and creative pals at Secret Pizza Company decided to whack CCG on a pizza (because, why not?). This spectacular pizza creation brought an ITV Granada reporter over to the island, curious to try out such a rare delicacy, leading to some prime time coverage on the national news.



P!ssing on the Government’s Chips

Following our calls for the Manx public to get involved and celebrate CC&G,  the Government launched their own OFFICIAL National Dish public vote, the winner of which was announced at the Food & Drink Festival 2018. Queenies won. We’d just like to note, there is still no official Queenie day. 

Going Across the Water 

Our second city Liverpool joined in with CCG, with chippies like The Good Catch getting in on the action. Maybe the last Monday of January will become International chips cheese and gravy day?

Having a Wikipedia War with Canada

Those pesky Canadians were convinced this dish was in fact theirs *cue laughter*. We use the finest Manx Creamery Cheddar boys, not milk curds?! Bore off poutine.

Going Viral 

As we mentioned in the intro, never in a month of CCG days would we have thought a video of Matt Aire, holding a Gef teddy, “Raising the spirits of the Manx Nation” would get THREE MILLION VIEWS.

It’s been emotional.

This year we’re raising money for the IOM Foodbank, if you fancy bagging yourself your CCG merch, we’re donating 10% of the proceeds to them.

However you’re choosing to celebrate this year. We hope you have a goodun x

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