Manxman Plans Progressing

Plans for the Steam Packet’s new vessel, Manxman, due to replace the Ben-my-Chree when she comes into service in 2023, are progressing well.

The detailed design of both the external and internal features of Manxman are currently being undertaken by a team of experts. This vital phase is the longest and where some of the most important decisions are made. A range of work will take place over a period of around 12 months, including the development of a 3D detailed design drawing of the vessel, as well as construction drawings to allow the vessel to be built. In addition, interior design and internal layouts will be finalised and vessel equipment and machinery agreed.

Despite the ongoing impact of the pandemic, significant progress has been made over the last 12 months. in South Korea.

Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: ‘We are pleased with how plans are progressing and that, despite the pandemic, we have largely been able to stay on schedule and continue to make significant progress. It is a large-scale project which naturally takes time and many hours of meticulous planning, however we are excited to move forward with the detailed design of Manxman.’ 

There are many stages involved in the process which the Steam Packet covers in detail in its two-part blog series, Designing & Constructing a Vessel. Part one looks at what is involved in the planning, design and construction of a bespoke ferry and the different steps involved in the process. Part two provides a unique insight into how long the whole process usually takes, the types of specialist organisations it will be working with and the challenges the Company faces over the next few years.

Both part one and two can be viewed on the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Blog: