Dress in Yellow Day 2021

This month, we teamed up with Victim Support IOM to release our range of face masks. 10% of the sales will go to supporting the incredible work the charity does- so far we have raised £231.09!

While the charity has been crucial for many victims of crime over the last 21 years, there was an increase of 37% in contacts in 2020, compared to 2019. Victim Support provides services for victims and witnesses of both recent and historic crimes. For some victims of historic crime, the periods of lockdown have provided time for reflection, resulting in them seeking the services of the charity. To seek out the services, the crime does not have to have gone to the police or through the justice system.

While many people are aware of the work Victim Support does with survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse, the charity provides support for all forms of crime. The charity also supports witnesses and families who are suffering a bereavement who are going through the courts: this includes families who have had members who have died as a result of drugs, violence and RTCs. 


Victim Support also helps people access criminal injuries compensation. This process can often be lengthy and bring up traumatic memories- the support they provide is both emotional and practical.

During the lockdowns, the support has remained the same- albeit with fewer face-to-face meetings and more phone and Facetime calls. The movement to a more remote service was enabled by the work from Paul at Techmann, who offered his services free of charge. The calls allow the service to maintain regular contact with clients- something that Paula Gelling, the manager of the charity, highlights as being particularly important during times of lockdown. The charity has adapted to allow the staff to continue working safely in their offices, with each member having a floor to themselves. As crime still occurs during lockdown, it is vital that the charity had the means to continue over these periods. 

The charity will also be marking Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week on the 1st-7th February to spread awareness about these issues. This week is particularly pertinent coming out of lockdown, as last year Victim Support saw a rise of 23% in sexual assault referals and a 33% rise in domestic violence referals for the 6 month period between April and September 2020, compared to 2019. In the 6 month period between June and December 2020, they saw a 21% increase in sexual assault referalls, and a 35% increase in domestic violence referals compared to the same period in 2019. 

You can show your support for Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week by wearing yellow and donating to Victim Support. 

This year, we’ve worked with the Charity on an official T-Shirt which is available to purchase (Here) with 10% of profits going to the Charity.