There’s an extraordinary sitting of Tynwald on Tuesday, but we haven’t actually had the order paper yet, so that makes a political preview a tad more difficult than it should be. But fear not, the Keys and the MLCs both have a full plate.

Legislative Council

Starting upstairs for a change, the MLCs will be examining the Human Tissue and Organ Bill, which will create an opt out rather than opt in donor register. They will be examining the Bill’s clauses and making any amendments before sending it back down to the MHKs to consider.
LegCo is also giving a second reading to Daphne Caine’s Council of Ministers (Amendment) Bill, which will seek to make it easier for MHKs to remove a Chief Minister. Last week there was talk of introducing a cooling off period or allowing MLCs (who are not elected by the public) some say in the removal of a Chief. However, whether that translates into amendments or how MHKs would react to such a change, remains to be seen.


There are 24 questions on the order paper for Keys, which given the recent hostility towards extended question time means they almost certainly won’t all be asked, although I hope I’m proved wrong.

However we begin in usual territory as MHKs Chris Thomas and Jason Moorhouse kick off the questions. Mr Thomas wants to know the finding of the Sure Mobile 5G trial and what implications these findings have for public policy concerning telecommunications technology, planning, public health and regulation? Meanwhile Mr Moorhouse wants to know how long the DEFA Minister Geoffrey Boot can take to support or overturn a planning inspector’s appeal decision.
Ann Corlett MHK will also ask Mr Boot what plans he has to amend the period of 21 days for display of planning application notices (yellow notices) to exclude the lockdown period?

Mr Moorhouse then returns with the question which he wasn’t able to ask last week, as he will ask Post Office Chairman Julie Edge on how many occasions in 2020 local authorities, businesses and individuals were contacted about people potentially confusing their private Post Boxes for genuine Isle of Man Post ones?

Ms Edge herself will ask questions on exemptions certificates to enter the island being revoked and whether civil servants have been making decisions without CoMin being able to consider them.

Meanwhile Lib Vannin leader Lawrie Hooper will ask DoI Minister Tim Baker what assessment he has made of the impact of coronavirus on local authority finances?


Since we still don’t have the order paper for the extraordinary Tynwald sitting, we’ll post an update on our socials when we know more.