Ask Your GP About Jabs

Members of the public who wish to raise queries about their vaccination are reminded they should review the Frequently Asked Questions page on the website for advice, or contact their GP – not seek guidance from 111. 

The 111 service has been tasked with registering people for their jabs and booking appointments. The team is not able to offer any clinical advice about vaccinations or vaccines – and anyone with queries of this nature should review the extensive information available online or raise them with their GP who will be able to help. 

The current system is designed to manage the most extensive mass vaccination programme ever undertaken in the Isle of Man, to protect vulnerable groups swiftly and efficiently and in line with the availability of vaccine on the island.

When it is their turn, people will receive a letter from the DHSC inviting them to call 111 to register. Once this is complete, a member of the 111 team will usually call the person back with an appointment for one or both vaccinations. If slots are free when the personal calls to register, appointments may be made during that call. An email or letter is then set to confirm appointments and this should be brought to the vaccination centre.

Minister David Ashford said: ‘It is natural that people want to raise questions about the vaccination before they go for their jab. This is new territory for us all and I understand people have questions. However, these questions are not for the 111 team to answer, as they are not clinicians.’

He added: ‘The job of 111 is to ensure people are registered, booked in and receive necessary information about their appointment in advance. A growing number of clinical queries are being inappropriately raised by callers to 111, which is delaying the team’s essential work. Please, if you have any clinical questions about being vaccinated, seek professional advice from your GP and for all other queries, refer to the website.’