Gef’s Daily Roundup

Bank Redundancies 

ICYMI Lloyds Bank today announced that up to 25% of its c400 staff on the Isle of Man are to be made redundant. 

Alasdair Gardner, Islands Director, Lloyds Bank International, added: ‘Regrettably change does mean making difficult decisions, and the changes announced today reflect our ongoing plans to continue to make parts of our business more efficient and meet the changing needs of our customers. We always look to redeploy wherever possible, with colleagues given access to a package of training and support designed to help them secure their next position whether within or outside the Group. We remain fully committed to the Islands and the Isle of Man specifically, with our planned move into Villiers House expected during 2021 an example of our ongoing commitment.’

Santa Post Box Confusion

Right, so in Keys this week, this happened: Jason Moorhouse MHK asked Post Office chairman Julie Edge on how many occasions in 2020 local authorities, businesses and individuals were contacted about people potentially confusing their private post boxes for genuine Isle of Man Post boxes?

She told Keys it was, just the one.

But of course that was not the end of the matter as Mr Moorhouse asked: ‘Has the Post Office any evidence to suggest people are actually using these alternative post boxes by mistake?’

Ms Edge confirmed that IoMPO spoke to one organisation about a post box that was causing confusion which was used for children to post letters.

As Mr Moorhouse then pointed out, the post box was for children to post letters to Santa, which drew laughter from some MHKs. He then asked whether Ms Edge knew that a senior member of staff had travelled to the area to ‘visit this offending owner of the post box’ to make them aware of the issue.

This caused Onchan MHK Rob Callister to shout: ‘Santa and his helpers!’

Ms Edge replied: ‘It is against the law to obstruct the Queen’s mail. I am sure the Hon. Member is very aware of that and obviously at that time of year, we are not playing bah humbug here, but it is just making sure it is clearly not a post box. Obviously we have had those conversations and in the future we have advised what the particular individual or organisation can do.’

10m Get Covid Jab

In the UK 10m people have now had at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose.  This comes as a further 1,322 people have died in the UK within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test. Meanwhile a vaccine to tackle Covid-19 variants could be ready to deploy by the autumn, the team behind the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine says.

Like in the Movies

The Hollywood film Contagion showed the importance of securing enough Covid vaccines for use once they had been approved, the UK’s health secretary has said.

Matt Hancock said he had watched the film, which is about a deadly virus, and insisted the UK ordered enough jabs for its population.

He said the movie was not his “primary” source of advice but he knew when the vaccine was approved the demand for it would be “huge”.

Golden Globes

Three women have been nominated for best director at the Golden Globe awards, the first time more than one has been shortlisted in a single year.

Regina King, Chloe Zhao and Britain’s Emerald Fennell are nominated alongside David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin. Fincher’s Mank is the most nominated film with six nominations.