Mental Health Charity’s New Dr

Dr Em Mardlin, a former Harley street consultant therapist and clinical practitioner in mind body medicine, has recently relocated to the island and is now working with mental health charity Quing.

In the first of two pieces following her appointment, Dr Em tells us a bit about herself and the experience she will bring to Quing and our island.

I’ve just relocated to your beautiful island, so I’ve been busy (in between lockdown’s) getting to know everyone and everywhere.

As a person I’m very down to earth, fun, adventurous, open minded in living by a live and let live positive philosophy and having overcome most challenges life has to offer from so called unrecoverable comas to being taken way beyond my comfort zone; I’m pretty well versed both personally and professionally in everything I do, albeit always on a journey of greater learning, higher purpose and life discovery.

I started off in law, training to be a human rights and criminal barrister but decided that wasn’t for me and ventured into business.

I then decided to explore a passion of mine professionally; the human mind, psychology and mind-body natural medicine. Alongside studying this for a decade, I developed a charity of my own called Mindful Help to help so many people I discovered who couldn’t get good quality access to mental health care, and gain some invaluable experience – learning from others and developing many of my own methodologies that seemed to “really” help people and get results.

Whilst I loved this, I had to move on to open my private practice as my charity was privately self-funded and I was also running two companies at the same time…

From this time onward I have studied further all over the world, achieved my doctorate, grown my practice and professional profile alongside gaining more invaluable experience, all leading to now which I shall share from one of the brief bio’s written about me…

“Renowned internationally for her distinguished results in helping people to achieve what other professionals have deemed impossible; Dr Em Mardlin, a Harley street consultant therapist and clinical practitioner in mind body medicine, has over a decade experience in fully releasing the shackles of harrowing anxiety and depression, helping her clients get off a lifetime of anti- anxiety medication, despite being told by other professionals that such would “never” be possible!

She has therefore put her 7 step formula into this short but exceptionally powerful guide, with a fully comprehensive 7 day programme book to follow.

Not so B.A.T.S.H.I.T is a mnemonic for the 7 steps that will release you from anxiety for good. It is accompanied by a free anxiety analysis indicator which from a series of questions, provides you with an automatic score indicating your most likely anxiety root, therefore, how best to successfully treat your particular anxiety type. In addition, there are tonnes of free resources you can access on her website, including free “Axing anxiety in 10 with Dr Em” vlog series and free emotional release technique audio’s.

Author of the highly acclaimed “Mind Body Diabetes” and “Out of Your Comfort Zone”, Dr Em is founder of The Pinnacle Practice, on London’s Harley street, Galway, Ireland, The Isle of Man, On Location and her Psyc on Skype Service.

She works with both children and adults with a host of challenges from trauma and mental health to wellbeing, mindset and personal evolution in practice. In addition, she writes, lectures and is a speaker and metaphysical researcher within her field.”

Essentially, I’m a qualified psychotherapist in mind body medicine, working with the whole soul to activate psychological, physical, practical and spiritual positive change and personal evolution. All to help support everyone in creating true abundance in every area of their life, as desired – this being my absolute pleasure to be a part of assisting with, as we work together.

I initially came to the isle of man to set up private boutique residential retreats for anxiety release, addiction, depression, health and well-being; when I was introduced to the unique concept of the Quing community by a good friend of mine.

I love the Quing concept and then happened to be presented with the opportunity to apply for a position in the community as a consultant therapist and general help in promoting positive mental health and well-being, alongside vital fundraising.

I’m really excited about my position and look forward to my involvement.