Dr Em Mardlin, a former Harley street consultant therapist and clinical practitioner in mind body medicine, has recently relocated to the island and is now working with mental health charity Quing.

In the second of two pieces following her appointment, Dr Em tells us why she supports Quing’s work, why people turn to Quing and the work she will be doing with the charity.

What is it that Quing does that sets it aside from other organisations in the island?

Essentially Quing is community driven as opposed to founder, board, therapist or medication lead, yet simultaneously provides a very strong foundation of support where needed.

On which note, to add to my responses, I asked Dave, a wonderfully long standing Quing member to contribute his thoughts too –

Dave said: “You get taught in an easy to understand and gradually layered way that helps make valuable information and learning skills to help others, memorable. The process of helping others, really helps each of us. They listen and never put words in your mouth. There is a “real” non-judgmental environment.”

I would personally say as an organisation Quing provides and encourages independent learning as one of the best methods to help individuals, providing courses and experiential training to positively and professionally help others. This is a great unique way of promoting constructive personal and professional development in a person centered way. It’s an amazing opportunity for personal evolution that is very unlikely to be sought elsewhere.

The type of learning, knowledge and self-development skills provided are

Quing takes a holistic, transparent, equally respectful and transactional, person centred approach to working with and supporting people who may be experiencing difficulties, trauma’s and challenges in their life.

In this respect Quing does not believe in simple “sticking plasters” and an “in/out” revolving door approach, but rather takes the holistic view of continued support as a community. People then work within to grow personally and support others to grow and do the same.

It is therefore a growing community network of peer support rather than a hierarchical or traditional cognitive system that tells people “how” or “what” to think as opposed to providing the support and resources to think independently, express themselves holistically as a whole person and create an abundant life, always remaining a part of the Quing community.

We support the person rather than simply treat the condition – the difference that makes the difference in results and recovery achieved together as an equal team.

Quing is a dedicated genuine service that is always open for everyone to come in, it is a very welcoming accessible service without a waiting list. Quing helps anyone in distress with a host of challenges instantly, rather than casting them off as just “another case” .

We are about the natural process of healing and wellbeing focussing on this rather than what’s wrong with a person.

Very importantly, we are opposed to the belief of heavily medicating people who struggle with mental health conditions.

Why do you think that ‘traditional’ services have failed people?

In Dave’s experience, he has found,

Passed from pillar to post, don’t always believe you and quick to shut you down

Quite simply a lack of true engagement and understanding of what “the person” needs and wants as opposed to a CBT “one glove fits all” mentality.

Mental health challenges do not mean people don’t know how to think, they often just need the right support and be surrounded by the right mind-set and positive energy to help drive them forward in the right direction.

Traditional services can be very quick to “label” people and medicate, whereas this tends to create a negative cycle rather than seeing a challenge in the moment that can very easily transform, lift and allow for new positive change and solutions.

To paraphrase Einstein, a problem cannot be solved with the same level of thinking, or in the same environment in which it was created.

Often traditional services fail to create that safe forward free thinking space people often need.

Quite simply in big picture terms, different thinking, different results!

What will you be doing in your work with Quing?

Everything possible to drive exciting positive change from;

  • Joining and engaging with the Quing community in peer to peer support

  • Working on an individual consultation basis with community members

  • Group activities

  • Providing helpful resources for mental and physical well-being Writing informative topical articles and helpful hints

  • Providing a general support network with features like “Ask Dr Em” where members can send anonymous questions if they have general concerns or questions

  • Promoting positive PR in the media for mental health and well- being services along with the wonderful community spirit Quing has to offer

  • Fundraising and awareness

  • Publishing any useful literature/ resources/ video series

  • General entertainment, vegan/ low sugar home-made scone baker and general dogs body