The Steam Packet’s new flagship, Manxman, will be powered by the ‘world’s most efficient four-stroke diesel engine’.

 Technology group Wärtsilä has been chosen to supply the new vessel with two eight-cylinder and two 10-cylinder engines, which are recognised for a high level of fuel efficiency which reduces exhaust emissions.

 The Wärtsilä 31 engines will be installed at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) in South Korea where Manxman is being constructed. Delivery to the shipyard is expected to commence in early 2022.

 Work on physically constructing a replacement for the conventional ferry, Ben-my-Chree, is due to start later this year with the new vessel expected to come into service in Spring 2023.

 Steam Packet Chief Executive Mark Woodward says reliability, efficiency and low operating costs were all key considerations in the company’s selection.

 He explained: ‘This is a major investment in our fleet and the ultimate aim for when we introduce the new addition is to provide an even higher level of service to the Island community and our customers. Alongside our drive for greater efficiency and lower emissions levels, there is also an ever-increasing focus on the environmental aspects of marine transportation so we were naturally keen to select an engine that can deliver sustainable operations.

‘We’ll continue to work closely with Wärtsilä design engineers and the ship builder HMD and look forward to seeing this come to fruition after many months of planning.’