Order! Order!

A busy order paper for our MHKs this week with a large list of questions for ministers and several important Bills reappearing.

Question Time

Kicking off in the Qs, there are 24 questions down for oral answer, how far they get through that in the hour afforded to questions will remain to be seen, as there has not been much appetite for continuing beyond those short 60 minutes in recent weeks. 

Chris Thomas will be opening the batting for the backbenches as he asks Justice and Home Affairs Minister Graham Cregeen: ‘If he will make a statement in respect of the law and practice of conciliation in the case of proceedings before the Employment and Equality Tribunal in connection with a provision of the Equality Act 2017 or any of the relevant enactments?’ 

He also wants to know why the total number of registered voters has fallen from 63,832 on April 1 2020 to 62,463 on January 1 2021; and what Policy and Reform Minister Ray Harmer estimates the population will be on Census Day April 2021?

Following on from him, Lib Vannin leader Lawrie Hooper will be asking what criteria were set out for airlines participating in the expression of interest process for government support during the pandemic; and what process was followed to award the contracts?

Clare Barber is also due to ask Enterprise Minister Laurence Skelly: ‘What action his Department has taken to monitor the civil legal action undertaken by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority concerning business insurance interruption cover for small business; what interaction his Department has had with affected local businesses; and what support he is able to offer affected Isle of Man businesses who have been refused payment from their insurers on claims made under business insurance interruption clauses in their insurance policies?’

Jason Moorehouse will be asking a range of questions, including asking Chief Minister HQ if he will make a statement on the inclusion of sea and air fares in inflation figures.

Martyn Perkins, will be asking DHSC Minister David Ashford for a statement on the provision of Libre glucose monitors for Type one diabetics? And Paul Quine is also asking questions of Mr Ashford, specifically whether people who suffer from learning disabilities form part of the Priority Groups for vaccination?


After question time is done, the MHKs have a statement from Education Minister Dr Al on his dept’s Education Bill, they will consider the clauses of the Competition Bill and will give the Climate Change Bill its third reading before examining the amendments made to the Medicines (Amendment) Bill by the Legislative Council.

As a final piece of business, the Keys are being asked by LegCo to send three MHKs to form a joint committee to look at Daphne Caine’s private members bill that will allow a simple majority of 13 MHKs to remove a sitting Chief Minister instead of the current requirement of 16.