Over 75s Invited For Jab

The island’s over 75s will very shortly be receiving letters inviting them to book vaccine appointments. 

More than 70% of the top two priority groups have received their first jab and nearly 12,000 jabs have been administered to the Great Manx Public.

Included with the letter is an information leaflet explaining what is involved in having a jab as well as the crucial role the vaccination programme plays in the fight against Covid-19.

The letter invites individuals to register by calling 111. The 111 team will then contact them with their appointment details – sometimes at short notice, in order to avoid wastage of vaccine and to maximise the health benefits for older and vulnerable people.

Separate home vaccination appointments can be made for those who are housebound, and the 111 team are also offering support to regular users of patient transport services who do not have a carer, relative or friend who can bring them to the vaccination hub.

Health Minister David Ashford said: ‘The vaccination programme continues to roll out at pace, and we are well underway inviting all those aged between 75 and 79 to come forward and register for a vaccination. Having beaten the virus back once again, we are rolling up our sleeves to get jabs in arms. Those receiving invitations should register as soon as possible to ensure they are protecting themselves and those around them.

‘Those invited for a vaccination who can travel to a vaccination hub are encouraged to do so. I would encourage people to take the first available appointment regardless of the venue, unless your GP has advised there is a clinical reason not to do so.  It is perfectly fine for people to bring a family member, friend or carer with them to help with travel to either hub and to provide support in the car park.’

Invitation letters to the next priority group – residents who are extremely clinically vulnerable and their carers, and the over-70s – are due to be issued over the coming 10 days. Residents are asked not to call 111 until they receive their invitation letter.