Cloe and Joshua’s Love Story

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This year, we have teamed up with the VillaGaiety, to bring you Love at First Show: celebrating all the romantic moments at their venues. WARNING: tissues at the ready, this one is desperately romantic.

This story features regular Gaiety performer and hopeless romantic Joshua Moore. Back in 2017, Joshua was “absolutely obsessed with” Cloe Gilmore, a girl he met at college. Like Oliver, he’d have done anything for Cloe.

In November 2017, Joshua was performing in The Mousetrap, the famous Agatha Christie play, as Christopher Wren. If performing in front of packed audiences wasn’t daunting enough, Joshua also found out that the object of his affections was coming to see the show. It was the perfect opportunity for a romantic act, and Joshua knew exactly what he needed to do.

Joshua found out where she’d be sitting, and left a handwritten note and the perfect necklace for Cloe underneath her chair. He made sure that her friends knew to tell her to check under her seat once she entered the theatre.

It was a good plan, but Joshua, understandably, was incredibly nervous as he waited in the wings. But, like any good show man, he knew the show must go on. As he looked into the audience, he saw Cloe smile at him- a smile he’d never forget. 

Any theatre buffs will know that the Mousetrap famously ends with a twist: as does this story. Joshua’s note asked the question ‘will you go out with me?’ (or words to that effect). Cloe, obviously, could not say no to such a romantic act: and met Josh at the stage door with a “yes” and a kiss. That was only the first act of their love story: Josh and Cloe have now been dating for three years, and Josh is just as smitten.

Here at Gef, we love this story. We think all fellas should be a little more like Joshua: if you’re a single man this Valentines day, maybe you should replace the ‘u up?’text with some handwritten notes and jewellery. It could just work in your favour….

In conjunction with the Villa Gaiety Love at First Show Campaign

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