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We asked you for your Villa Gaiety love stories and you sent us some beauties! 

This story is quite literally hot as hell, centering around everyone’s favourite 70s-inspired jukebox musical, Disco Inferno. When Kate went to audition for the Manx Operatic Society’s Disco Inferno, she expected to be part of the ensemble. Instead, she was cast opposite David, who would become, spoiler alert, her husband. A few weeks of rehearsals and a few weeks of dates, and the duo became the IOM’s very own Brangelina (except- another spoiler alert- with a happier ending).

About a month or so into their showmance, around Christmas time, Kate’s boiler died. With no (disco) inferno burning at her own home, Kate moved in with David until it was fixed. New year came and went, and it felt silly for Kate to leave when they spent all their time together anyway.

The show opened, and it was a great success (maybe because of all that on-and-off stage chemistry?). During the final song of the final show, David spun Kate around, and when she turned the last time, he was down on one knee with a ring in front of a full house of over 800 people. He told her not to worry because he’d “asked her Dad”.

Kate, of course, said yes. While they might have only got engaged after 5 months, it’s clear that when you know, you know– because Kate and David have now been together for 13 years, married for 11 and have 3 children.

The Gaiety has remained a special place for Kate and David. They had some of their wedding photos taken there, and they have continued performing- with Kate even performing while pregnant (twice!).

It just goes to show that the hottest flames can burn bright for years. As a single lady and hopeless romantic, I can only hope for such a sizzling romance this valentine’s day ❤️

In conjunction with Villa Gaiety Love at First Show Campaign

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