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As part of our Love at First Show campaign with the Villa Gaiety, couples have been sharing their experience of the role the VG played in their love story. Today Georgia and Damian tell us how they went from cast mates to soul mates.

Georgia and Damian met when auditioning for a new musical called ‘For Tonight’ back in 2015. On stage their characters had a forbidden love for each other and that love grew offstage after the curtains had come down. 

A year later they were sharing the stage again, playing the roles of Nancy and Bill Sykes in Oliver, another couple onstage with a very different dynamic. Damian took the role a bit too seriously one night and broke Georgia’s wrist on stage in her death scene. Damian still denies this was his fault to this day. The incident fortunately didn’t cause too much of a domestic and the couple often look back and laugh at this now.

Years on, they’ve both moved away to London to pursue their love for musical theatre and trained professionally at the London School of Musical Theatre. In October 2019, days before Damian set off for the UK & international tour of Les Miserables he proposed to Georgia at the top of the Shard in London. 

The role of the VG in their love story isn’t over. The couple are now just three months away from their big day at the Villa Marina’s Royal Hall.  

Georgia said: ‘The Gaiety will always have a special place in our hearts as we have both grown up performing on that stage and we’re very lucky to be getting married in the Villa Marina this year too’.

In conjunction with the Villa Gaiety Love at First Show campaign

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