With Strand Street looking a tad sparse these days thanks to Arcadia going bust, we asked you what you’d like to see on our high street.

More local shops

A LOT of you were big on supporting local. To aide this, many of you wanted to see reduced rates and rental costs to let little businesses thrive #makestrandstreetgreatagain

Budget shops

Manxies love a bargain, and that was evident in our Vox pop. Many of you were calling for Primark, Matalan and Aldi. Missing our L’pool day trips, are we?

John Lewis

Some well posh people were answering the Vox pop, apparently. We’re truly not worthy.


Looks like a lot of you want to be trendy, but at a reasonable price. There was also love for H&M’s fun, younger sister, Monki.


Every 20-something, Manx woman’s dream is to have a Zara on the island. 

Amsterdam-style cafes/strip clubs/red-light district

Every Vox pop we do, I swear to God, there are suggestions to turn this island into a little, debaucherous paradise. Do I hate it? ….No.

Indoor mini-golf/indoor skydiving

Some of you want experiences/things. Nice thought, but where are we going to buy our ‘fits for all these indoor activities??


Imagine how nice Strand Street could smell. One could almost say it’d smell… lush.


Just want a meatball marinara during my lunch hour, thanks x


Boots just isn’t as glamorous, is it?

Maternity shops

Would be nice for soon-to-be mum’s to get some new garms, would be better for me to get some maternity jeans to accommodate for my post-lockdown body #SEXY